Monday, 17 August 2009

Introducing... The Bagel Head.

“Captain Kirk, we have two more 2 more Bagel heads to join USS Excelsior.”

No we're afraid not. These two men aren’t extras on the latest Star Trek film. What you are actually looking at is the latest FAD to take over Japan.

Teenagers across Japan are going to tattoo parlors where they are being injected with saline. This saline monstrosity lump can then be molded into any shape and the IN fashion shape is the Bagel.

We have never seen such a pointless and in fact gross creation in all our life. Once again Japan is at the forefront of the freak industry and seemingly proud.

But we are happy to report that these men actually have a second chance as the saline disappears within 24 hours leaving no permanent damage (we'll believe it when we see it!) All we can say is let’s hope this FAD lasts 24 hours as well.

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